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By : woodworkingnut | April 01, 2014

Hey guys it's been a while!

Well I haven't done too many post here because I like to do a lot of this stuff over on keek! Anyway I don't have a whole lot to say other than I am glad spring is here and it is finally starting to feel like spring. It has been high 50 degrees out lately and it feels great! The only thing I don't like about spring is all the rain and wet grass...well I will see you guys over at keek and maybe I should rename this page because it is more of a blog...or I should make a vlog! Maybe.....

By : woodworkingnut | January 01, 1970

    Keek is a social media site that you can download on your smart phones and post 36 second videos. On keek I post daily updates and just some quick videos of what is going on. I will ask for help, ideas, and more! It is a great way to stay connected to the show during the week. The app is free and you can comment on any video I post and even make a video comment back. I encourage everyone who is a fan of the show to visit keek and I guarantee you will enjoy it! Until next time, I will talk to you later.(But I hope to see you guys over on keek!!)

By : woodworkingnut | January 01, 1970

Woodworking Talk is a place for me to blog some more info about a project or what is going on around the shop during the week. Come along to get some behind-the-scenes talk and more! Hopefully these posts will be more interesting, but I just wanted to test this whole thing out by creating this informative post!